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Empowering Success Through Sand Control Expertise


As DuneFront's global team continues to support our clients around the world, our annual company summit brought us all together for a week in Lisbon, Portugal. This in-person meeting marks a significant milestone each year, allowing us to reflect on the successes of the previous year and chart a course for continued growth. Our time together was very productive, enabling us to delve into critical aspects of our business strategy, enhance customer service initiatives, and update our product roadmap with your input.

But it wasn’t all business! We sprinkled in a series of fun activities, including axe throwing and a city-wide treasure hunt, to build a motivated team spirit. We firmly believe that a happy and efficient team is the cornerstone of delivering high quality service and support that leaves our clients both delighted and satisfied.


DuneFront remains unwavering in our commitment to enhancing the industry-standard sand control software, PackPro. We proudly launched PackPro 6.2 just a month ago, adding new features and functionalities that incorporate your valuable feedback, elevate your user experience, and expand the tools you have at your fingertips. These include improved data tools to quickly perform detailed analysis, chart templates to speed up and standardize reporting across all your files, as well as video animations providing a powerful sales and training tool. We've also included the industry’s first (and only) managed pressure gravel packing model in your current subscription for a limited time - we encourage you to take advantage of this unique chance to explore the value of this new model at no extra cost before the pricing becomes applicable.

Our sand control experts will be reaching out to you and your teams to give you an overview of the latest updates so you can make the most out of them for your operations. If you need any support with PackPro or wish to explore its capabilities, you can request a demo through our website or get in touch with our team directly by email.


DuneFront's reputation as trusted, independent sand control experts has led us to undertake multiple critical projects for clients across North and South America, as well as West Africa during this quarter:

  • We collaborated closely with an operator in North America, conducting a design verification study for a critical deepwater well in the Gulf of Mexico. The challenging narrow pressure margin conditions required that we evaluated multiple jobs designs to help determine if an MPD package was ultimately required. We used our new managed pressure gravel pack model in PackPro 6.2 and are happy to report that, based on its results, our client concluded that they did not need the MPD package and completed the well successfully with several million dollars in savings.

  • We performed a post-job evaluation of a gravel pack treatment and a design study for a complex treatment type for an independent operator in deepwater South America. The sand control experts were able to provide the optimal design that led to the client awarding us the evaluation of the treatment and design and evaluation for the following wells.

  • We performed a post-job evaluation of a complex deepwater gravel pack treatment for an independent operator in South America. Following detailed analysis by our sand control experts, we were able to identify and recommend valuable lessons learned which led to the operator awarding us the design and evaluation for subsequent wells.

  • In West Africa, we provided our client with a comprehensive study on sand control failures experienced in some of their wells, accompanied by recommendations for future wells. Important and insightful conclusions led to a potential remediation of the failure and lessons learnt for future jobs.

All these studies have played a pivotal role in helping our clients achieve optimal results in their fields, aligning with their required targets.


DuneFront remains committed to staying at the forefront of industry advancements:

  • In July: Ray Tibbles, DuneFront's Technical Advisor, presented "Simulation and Design of Managed Pressure Gravel Packs" at the Annual Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Technical Symposium in New Orleans, USA.

  • In August: Kesavan Govinathan, DuneFront's Technical Sales Team Lead, was an integral part of the committee for the Society of Petroleum Engineers' "Sand Control Management - Sustainable Solutions for Fines Control and Late Life Sand Control" workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia. He also attended the Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) Convex 2023.

  • In September: Carolina Latini, DuneFront's Technical Sales Engineer, presented "Simulation and Design of Managed Pressure Gravel Packs" at the Sand Management Network event in Aberdeen, winning the award for best presentation.

Furthermore, our engineers provided in-person sand control and PackPro training sessions to clients in Australia, Asia, and South America. These training sessions empower our clients to gain deeper insights into their operations and maximize the benefits of PackPro's industry-standard simulation, evaluation, and optimization capabilities.


At DuneFront, our team of sand control experts is dedicated to knowledge sharing within the industry. We continued our series of free online webinars, with our most recent live event in August focusing on "Downhole Gauge Analysis of sand control treatments". This informative webinar explored key factors influencing sand control treatment success, the invaluable role of downhole gauge analysis in treatment evaluation, and how this data can drive continuous improvement. You can watch this and all our webinars on our website and YouTube channel to watch at your convenience.

It was great to see so many people joining the webinar from all over the world - North and South America all the way to Australia! We want to make sure future webinars continue to be relevant and useful to you, so please send us feedback about topics you'd like to see by completing this short form.



At DuneFront, we remain committed to being your sand control experts, dedicated to your success. If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to reach out to our team at Together, we'll continue to empower excellence in sand control solutions.


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