We work collaboratively to share our work with the technical community by publishing and presenting at conferences and exhibitions, which you can view by clicking on any of the publications below. 

Understanding Sand Control Installation Failures

Written by: Raymond Tibbles, Kesavan Govinathan, Ian Mickelburgh, Samyak Jain and Philip Wassouf

Presented at the SPE International Conference and Exhibition on Formation Damage Control, Lafayette, USA, 19-21 February, SPE-199251-MS

YEAR: 2020

Optimizing Sand Control Treatments Using Gauge Data

Written by: Samyak Jain, Philip Wassouf and Raymond Tibbles. DuneFront.

Presented at the Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition, Brisbane, Australia, 23-25 October, SPE-192094-MS.

YEAR: 2018

Modelling and Verification of Gravel Pack Treatments in ACG Field to Improve Sand Control Reliability

Written by: Hikmet Hasanov, Colin John, BP. Philip Wassouf and Samyak Jain. DuneFront 

Presented at the SPE Caspian Technical Conference and Exhibition, Baku, Azerbaijan, 1–3 November. SPE-189004-MS

YEAR: 2017

Engineering Gravel Packs for Reliability

Written by: Philip Wassouf, Samyak Jain, DuneFront and Aart Van Kranenburg, Shell.

Presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Dubai, UAE, 26-28 September, SPE-181397-MS

YEAR: 2016

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