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Driving Solutions, Building Partnerships

As we close Q1 2024, we're ready for the significant opportunities ahead. Read about all the exciting things we have accomplished below, which underscore DuneFront's commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and industry leadership.


DuneFront's team, led by Philip Wassouf, Mariano Sanchez, Samyak Jain and Ray Tibbles, organized a customer event in Houston, Texas. The primary objective of this gathering was to strengthen relationships with our customers and gather valuable feedback so we can align our software roadmap with their needs.

The event was met with enthusiasm, as evidenced by the impressive turnout with 20 global engineers representing 10 operators and service companies. Their active participation and positive engagement made it a resounding success, reinforcing our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions and fostering lasting partnerships.


DuneFront actively participated and exhibited in two conferences in Q1:

SPE International Conference and Exhibition on Formation Damage Control, held in Lafayette, Louisiana. The event was attended by Mariano Sanchez, Ray Tibbles and Kesavan Govinathan. This prestigious conference focused on addressing ongoing challenges with identifying, preventing, and fixing issues related to reservoir and well management, which includes sand control. We had the pleasure of presenting two papers, which were both well received by the audience:

Egypt Energy Show (EGYPES) held in Cairo, Egypt. The event was attended by Samyak Jain, Ramy Hatem and Martial Oudraogo. As the biggest oil and gas exhibition in Egypt, North Africa, and the Mediterranean, we exhibited with our own DuneFront booth to engage with both existing and new customers in the region.

Our participation in these conferences strengthened our industry presence and client relationships. Throughout the duration of the events, the DuneFront team met with experts from all around the globe, shared best practices, fostered collaboration through technical sessions and networked with peers, clients, and leaders to build long term relationships. We also showcased our expertise and commitment in the field of sand control through presentations and discussions; and engaged clients in a dedicated session to provide tailored solutions to their challenges.


During this quarter, our commitment to supporting our customers through consulting studies remained unwavering. We successfully completed five major consulting projects, ensuring timely delivery and meeting client expectations.

Two studies were conducted for an IOC operating in the Gulf of Mexico. They had significant challenges while planning to execute a Shunted Open Hole Gravel Pack with a narrow pressure window. Leveraging PackPro, our team of experts simulated various enabling technologies, considering the specific reservoir conditions. After thorough analysis, we recommended a design solution that involved the use of diverter valves in conjunction with the managed pressure system.

Two other IOCs in the Gulf of Mexico requested our support in selecting the optimum sand control design for their wells. We reviewed different sand control techniques, including standalone screen, water packing and shunt packing. As there were challenges with long intervals, narrow stability/frac limit and the presence of shales, we utilized PackPro to investigate the application of enabling technology and recommend the optimum sand control approach.

In the last study of this quarter, we collaborated with an independent operating company in California, US. The customer needed an urgent open hole gravel pack simulation since their well scheduled had moved forward. Our dedicated team rallied together and worked tirelessly to deliver the simulation within an impressively short timeline, showcasing our agility and commitment to client success.


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