With over 100 years of sand control experience, DuneFront’s team works closely with you to develop optimized solutions for your sand control challenges. 

We’ve provided consulting services across all stages of field and well development to a variety of companies around the world, spanning everything from pre-development technique selection and design to installation best practices and post-development evaluation. As an independent company, DuneFront provides truly impartial advice to ensure that you get the best recommendations possible.


Professional team with over 100 years of sand control experience

Technique Selection

Assist in the selection of the most suitable sand control technique

Data Analysis

Analyze historical data and make recommendations for future optimization 


Assist in investigating failures, identifying problems and implementing solutions


Assess the application and benefits of the latest sand control technology

Implement Solutions

Provide impartial advice with the most appropriate recommendations

Our Consulting Work Includes

Sand control technique selection studies for operators in Africa, South East Asia and Europe

Gravel pack feasibility and design for operators and service companies in North Sea, South America, South East Asia and Australia

Post-job evaluation and failure studies for operators and service companies in North Sea, Africa, South East Asia and Russia

Preparing sand control guidelines and conducting workshops for several clients around the world

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