Technical Publications

We work collaboratively to share our work with the technical community by publishing and presenting at conferences and exhibitions.

Written by: Samyak Jain, Philip Wassouf and Raymond Tibbles. DuneFront.

Presented at the Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition, Brisbane, Australia, 23-25 October, SPE-192094-MS.

Optimizing Sand Control Treatments Using Gauge Data.

YEAR: 2018

Written by: Hikmet Hasanov, Colin John, BP. Philip Wassouf and Samyak Jain. DuneFront 

Presented at the SPE Caspian Technical Conference and Exhibition, Baku, Azerbaijan, 1–3 November. SPE-189004-MS

Modelling and Verification of Gravel Pack Treatments in ACG Field to Improve Sand Control Reliability

YEAR: 2017

Written by: Philip Wassouf, Samyak Jain, DuneFront and Aart Van Kranenburg, Shell.

Presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Dubai, UAE, 26-28 September, SPE-181397-MS

Engineering Gravel Packs for Reliability

YEAR: 2016

Sand Control Resources App


This app is designed and developed by DuneFront as a tool for understanding the various sand control treatments along with their selection, design, installation and evaluation considerations. It requires only a basic understanding of common oilfield operations and terminology so can be used by new sand control professionals as well as experienced practitioners looking for a refresher on the fundamental concepts with additional references and tools.

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