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As we close out the year, we first want to wish you and your families a happy Holiday Season! Q4 was a busy quarter for us as we delivered several training courses and consulting projects, got out and about attending and presenting at conferences, and released PackPro 6.0 - our biggest software update yet!


During this quarter, we conducted two online sand control and PackPro training courses. These were attended by students from all over the world to gain a better understanding of the sand control industry and how PackPro can assist them in their work. We also had the opportunity to consult on a variety of exciting projects, including in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico.


In October, DuneFront hosted a booth at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) in Houston, Texas. We also had the pleasure of presenting our joint paper with Shell, "Understanding and Preventing Incomplete Shunted Open Hole Packs in Trinidad's Colibri Field", which identifies new failure mechanisms for these types of treatments from real well data, and discusses how to prevent them.

We also attended the 5th Oil, Gas & Energy Summit; Geopolitics, Transition and Energy Security in Colombia during November. Both conferences were a great networking opportunity for our team to catch up with our existing clients, meet new ones and learn about the latest technology and practices in the industry.


One of the most exciting things to transpire in Q4 was the release of PackPro 6.0! The software has been completely redesigned to make it easier and faster for our users, putting the latest technology, workflows and features at your fingertips. DuneFront is committed to continuing to offer the technology that our clients need and expect of us, so PackPro 6.0 also lays the foundations for some exciting new features in the pipeline...

We have started rolling out the new version to our clients with introductory training sessions to get them started quickly. We'd love to hear your feedback and will be in touch with everyone as the roll out progresses, but let us know if you want to get it sooner!


As 2022 rapidly comes to a close, we are proud to reflect on all we have accomplished this past year! Thank you for your trust and support in 2022, we're pleased to have had opportunities to engage in person this year which will hopefully continue into next year.

2023 is gearing up to be another busy year for DuneFront, and we can't wait to continue working with you!


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