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A Positive End to an Unpredictable Year

This has been an unpredictable year for everyone, but we’re happy to see things start to pick up in the last few months. The DuneFront team has been expanding and staying busy with both internal and external projects helping our clients address the challenges they face in their sand control operations.

As planning for upcoming sand control projects restarts, we have been working with several of our customers to evaluate the feasibility of sand control and gravel placement techniques for projects in Trinidad, Russia, Australia and Ghana among others.

On the software front, these past few months have been very exciting as PackPro’s use has continued to expand and we have added several new companies to our client list. These include major independent operators in India and the Caribbean, a service company in Russia, and an independent operator in western Africa. We extend a warm welcome to our new clients and look forward to supporting them in their sand control operations.


Following the success of our webinars, we wanted to organize a more interactive event for the sand control community and ran our first “Sand Control Forum” in November where our technical team was available to answer your sand control questions. The forum was attended by participants from various operating and service companies around the world and there was a lot of interesting discussion on a range of topics, including standalone screens, multi-zone completions, and remedial sand control. We received good feedback and suggestions from the participants which will help us make future forums even better!

If you missed the forum or any of our previous webinars, or just want to go over some notes, the recordings are available for free on DuneFront’s YouTube channel, so subscribe on the link below to make sure you don’t miss out on future events as well.

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